Root & Restore 



Root & Restore is a well known coaching business for female entrepreneurs located in Texas. As part of scaling the business Root & Restore came to us to make a modern website that really harnessed the benefits and connection she creates with her clients. 


Root & Restore’s current website was hosted on Squarespace, and part of the process is enabling this business owner to be able to make small updates along the way to flex with her business.

This website redesign incorporated new elements of a digital marketing strategy and the visual aesethetic needed to match the visual narrative provided on social medial channels. 

This website refresh uses a block style layout that is heavy on visuals and large text bocks, empowering the mantras that Root & Restore teaches. 


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing & Content Strategy


  • 4 Pages
  • Colour Branding
  • Styleguide
  • Squarespace Build
  • Content Strategy Roadmap
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Website Redesign

Root & Restore

The layout and design from mockup to final design incorporated two main considerations: appropriate white-space & clear customer journey visualization.

Both home and & about pages direct viewers to continue vertically along the page and leave no place to hang up or look away.

The benefitting result is an artistically and authentic website that stands out from the thousands of other legal teams in the area.

An off-white background, complimenting their gold and blue brand colours adds a classic touch and removes high-contrast fatigue for the viewer.

In the ‘Meet Our Partners’ section, you will find that hovering over the images transitions them from black and white back to their original coloured state. A light-hearted touch of animation to delight the end of a customer journey.