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Love From Our Past Clients

“Katherine + Callum of Pilot Solutions were instrumental with reworking my marketing.

After moving my business from Toronto to Hamilton, I really needed help reaching my ideal clients.

I’m so grateful to have met these awesome people and even happier with the work they’ve done to help my business grow!”

Kei Muti

Quill & Oak

Pilot Solutions has been such a great resource for me. They’ve helped me increase my presence online and reach more of my target market. It’s been so amazing having them help me navigate this crazy world of social media! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for help, whether you need an overhaul or just some guidance. Pilot Solutions should be your go-to! You won’t regret it.

Nadine Ulrich

Heritage Realty

“Katherine picked up the ebbs and flows of my business quickly, was willing to try new things, and has quickly helped free up my time. I’m doing more training, podcast interviews and reaching more people in just a few short months!”

Kathryn Hofer

Modern Planner

“They give me lots of treats & let me chase squirrels, so overall, they’re cool!”


Senior squirrel specialist

“I’m a brand new business owner and was having a lot of trouble transferring my image for the brand on to paper and making a functional website. Katherine (seemingly effortlessly) was able to get inside my head, untangle the madness and present a beautiful, functional and clear message to my customers. An absolute pleasure to work with and an amazing output to show for it!”

Megan Myke

Fully Cooked