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We started Pilot Solutions to help entrepreneurs and small business owners (that’s you 🎉 ) grow their business with digital marketing. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the noise of digital marketing?

You started a business to do the thing you love. But now there are all these other things that you “have” to do – sales funnels, blog posts, email sequences, social media posts and the list just goes on and on.

You know that to build your business you need to market to your customers but you don’t know where to begin. Even worse, the options are overwhelming and endless. The truth is, you could never do it all without a small army helping you.

But you don’t have to do it all to have a successful business.

With a plan of where you are going and a digital marketing strategy to get there, you are already ahead of the curve!

We are here to arm you with the knowledge to make powerful decisions about your business’ digital marketing.



our Core Values

Authenticity | Honesty | Coffee | Nature | Humour | Fun | Communication | Reflection | Bravery


Money is a resource to live your life, not the purpose of your life

Some work, all play is the best outlook on life. This is supposed to be fun!

Your personality is your greatest asset. Be your authentic self! People buy from people, not brands.

We wholeheartedly believe in mistakes. They teach us so many valuable lessons! So take the leap, you’ll be able to get back up if you fall. We promise!

Here are 3 ways to level up your marketing when you’re ready!


  1. Schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call. Feeling overwhelmed by running a business AND marketing it? Connect with us, tell us about your struggles and we’ll make you a FREE customized 3 step marketing plan. Schedule your call here!
  2. Work with us to create a 12 month digital marketing plan for your business. Are you in the 49% of businesses who have no defined marketing plan? Are you missing opportunities by scrambling to pull things together at the last minute? We’ll get you on solid footing with a strategic digital marketing plan built to grow your business! Reply to this email to find out more!
  3. Learn new skills by taking our online courses on Facebook Ads. You know you should be advertising on Facebook but you don’t know where to start! Facebook Ads Simplified will walk you through the fundamentals and setting up your first Facebook Ad Campaign. Find out more here!



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