Ross Nasseri LLP



The best websites do more with less, and the newly formed partnership of Mark Ross and Justin Nasseri meant a new look and new style, without overwhelming users.

The team at Ross Nasseri came with a plan to modernize their look, make it easily accessible, and get the most important information into the hands of their clients first.

The branding and web development projects required a unique look into what is needed to be a law firm in 2021, and we started by creating a memorable and strong logo mark. 


Both the branding and web development were handled by our in-house team to ensure consistency and cohesion and to make the transition from social platforms and business meetings to online seamless.

We created a brand logo mark (see below) that built on the trust and authority of Mark Ross’ practice, and included the style and expertise that Justin was bringing to the table. Classy yet modern. Vibrant and organized.

The new website was less different, with the main brief to get all the unnecessary distractions out of the way.

The team at Ross Nasseri wanted to be remembered as the trial tested lawyers you can trust, and their home page lines that up and makes no mistake in telling you throughout. 

With the firms’ lawyers at the forefront, we created accessible bio pages that show off the expertise that each lawyer has, including touch points to contact them directly. 


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • SEO
  • On Page Content Strategy


  • Logo Mark & Alternate
  • Business Letterheads
  • Pitch Deck 
  • Lawyer CVs
  • Email Signatures
  • 9 Page WordPress Build
  • Top-Tier Hosting 

The Results

Clean. Strong. Modern. The team at Pilot Solutions love the strong use of their brand red in the hero section, and ensured the text from top to bottom was easily readable, clearly laid out, and compelling. Easily readable text with highly engaging call to actions and tag lines create a real dynamic that is powerful yet trustworthy.

In a world of law firm websites that make a lot of noise but don’t advance the conversation, Ross Nasseri LLP can rest assured that it is obvious what their expertise is and how their team can help you.