A computer mockup showing Headshots.com home page design.


Headshots.com, a tech startup revolutionizing virtual headshots for remote teams and individuals, faced a dual challenge. Their initial website, created in the early stages of their startup, needed a major overhaul to align with the professionalism expected in the SaaS and C-Suite software realm. Additionally, the existing brand identity lacked the simplicity and recognizability required to stand out in this competitive space. With a focus on providing studio-quality virtual headshots, the challenge was to present their innovative service in a way that conveyed both sophistication and approachability. Furthermore, the website needed to seamlessly showcase examples, pricing, and encourage user sign-ups for professional portraits.


To tackle these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy for Headshots.com. Beginning with a brand mark redesign, we undertook a brand refresh, crafting a simple yet distinctive logo that not only complemented other SaaS brands but also set Headshots.com apart. In designing the new website, we prioritized a clean, modern, and user-friendly interface. Clear examples of their studio-quality virtual headshots were strategically placed to showcase their unique offering. This solution involved a seamless user journey from understanding the service to taking the first step in creating professional portraits.



  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • On Page Content Strategy


  • 7 Pages
  • Custom WordPress Build
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Brand Mark

The Design

In redefining Headshots.com’s visual identity, a deliberate departure from conventional primary colours took place. Embracing a fresh color palette, carefully chosen to be universally appealing to both male and female clients. The design aimed to evoke a sense of modernity and approachability, reflecting the distinct shape of a camera viewfinder. The result was a simple yet distinctive mark that departed from the ordinary, standing out amidst SaaS brands while remaining easily memorable. The website’s layout and visuals were meticulously crafted to guide users through the journey of discovering, understanding, and ultimately choosing Headshots.com for their professional portrait needs.