Goddard Nasseri LLP



Professional services websites require a balance between the right information, and making it clear the team you may choose to work with. 

Goddard Nasseri wanted to break away from the mold and reinforce their values as a Toronto boutique law firm, dedicated to personal connection, family values & creative ingenuity.


The team at both Goddard Nasseri and Pilot Solutions sat down to discuss a few options for the website, including the artistic theme and how best to balance professional representation and boutique. 

The finalized website provides a balanced approach that envelopes the viewer without over-stepping the professional atmosphere that Goddard Nasseri work hard to uphold. 

This blend of boutique and minimalism on their new website offers a fresh take on legal teams. 


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • SEO
  • Content Strategy


  • 6 Pages
  • Illustrations
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build
  • Content Strategy Roadmap
desktop computer showing the homescreen of website redesign.

Website Redesign

Goddard Nasseri LLP

The layout and design from mockup to final design incorporated two main considerations: appropriate white-space & clear customer journey visualization.

Both home and & about pages direct viewers to continue vertically along the page and leave no place to hang up or look away.

The benefitting result is an artistically and authentic website that stands out from the thousands of other legal teams in the area.

 An off-white background, complimenting their gold and blue brand colours adds a classic touch and removes high-contrast fatigue for the viewer. 

In the ‘Meet Our Partners’ section, you will find that hovering over the images transitions them from black and white back to their original coloured state. A light-hearted touch of animation to delight the end of a customer journey.