G. Acosta Law



Geraldine Acosta started her law firm, G. Acosta Law, just north of Toronto and needed a website to attract new clients.  Previously, Geraldine was a top lawyer at another firm and wanted her new website to convey and protect her stellar reputation. To demonstrate her expertise, a strong customer journey and great user experience was required.


The team at Pilot Solutions worked with G. Acosta Law to create a recognizable brand identity. We carried the brand identity throughout the website to enhance Geraldine’s existing reputation. Because the law firm is new, the content on the website was optimized to compete on search engines with bigger firms while fitting in with the overall design and brand.


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • SEO
  • On Page Content Strategy


  • 7 Pages
  • WordPress Build
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Hosting

The Design

The heart of G. Acosta Law’s practice is serving families. With that in mind, we identified with Geraldine her unique advantages and how she fights for the interests of her clients. Combining both of these elements meant the design had to ensure actionable information and personable touch-points on Geraldine’s website.

Our goal was to keep the website interactive and easy to navigate to give a sense of trust for Geraldine’s clients. The design laid out practice areas so a potential client could easily identify whether G. Acosta was the right firm for them. 

Additionally, every page has multiple touch-points to contact the firm, which is the goal of the website. The website ensures that anyone visiting the site would be able to contact the firm easily and immediately.