Rolfe Criminal Defence



Erec Rolfe is a criminal defence lawyer known for his track record of success, but his site no longer presented a modern look as a professional who knows how to go the extra mile for their client.

Erec and his team asked Pilot Solutions to modernize his digital footprint by presenting information in a clear, professional way but also making it clear how to get in contact with Erec when time is of the essence.



Erec’s new website stripped away any design that didn’t focus on user experience and easy access to vital information. His unparallled work ethic and attention to detail formed a critical component to the visual layout his new site offers.

Erec’s new website demonstrates how a small law firm can have a highly impactful website that offers information without the need to be flashy. Driven, professional, smart. That’s Erec and the website right to the last sentence.



  • Web design & Development
  • UX
  • On Page Content Strategy


  • 8 Pages
  • WordPress Build
  • Content Strategy Roadmap
  • Brand advancement


The layout and design from mockup to final design ensured two main things: that you could find what legal issues Erec specializes in and that the website was easy to navigate.

The website needed to be bold so Erec could shine in a very crowded legal field. 

Using creatively shaped dividers between sections allows the website to naturally bring viewers to the most important issues that Erec and his team litigate on.


Photo of home page of lawyer website for case study
Photo of Homepage of Law Website