Annabelle Agnew Photography



Annabelle’s thriving wedding photography business operates out of Montreal, Ontario, a growing hotspot for destination weddings. The city is also split by two languages, and a clear divide in the desire for wedding photography. 

Our goal was to consistently target higher-end clients for Annabelle’s luxury wedding business not only in Montreal, but in her new emerging market of Ottawa. 


We dove in as a team to comb over and audit every page on her website. After cleaning up any site structure and page structure issues, along with any on-page SEO issues we went to work identifying what the local market(s) were looking. 

By identifying the second, third and fourth searches for the areas, we were able to impart authority for both Montreal and Ottawa. 


  • Search Query Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Geographical Guides


  • Full SEO Audit 
  • Report & Executables For Improvement
  • Content Revisions

The Result

After estimating that authority gains would likely be made over the industry average of 6-8 months, we were nicely surprised when Google rewarded our work before we even finished up the project. 

By the third month, Google rewarded Annabelle’s site with a top 5 placement for the Montreal area on multiple keyword searches, and a page 2 and page 3 result for her secondary location, Ottawa. 

We have full confidence that a continual and strategic effort in the Ottawa area will land Annabelle closer to the Ottawa first page in no time.