Tara Lilly Photography & Whistler Elopements



A well-known Ontario wedding photography studio needed to move their entire company and operations to British Columbia – starting from scratch – while launching a separate brand identity in the Whistler mountains to serve an adjacent industry (elopements).

We targeted two challenges to this business relocating:


  1. The company had no current business or search volume authority in their new market.
  2. They entered an extremely competitive market for their industry with many established players.
  3. Launching a brand from scratch requires a monumental amount of work to catch up to the years of authority obtained by competitors.


Moving to a new market is not insurmountable but requires a strategy. We needed to address the authority lost from their current geographic region and the competitiveness of their new market to fill in gaps in search engine result pages.

Launching a second brand can sometimes lead to confusion for customers, the market, and Google search itself. We needed to separate the entities and provide unique content for their adjacent industry.

Neither brand ranked in the top 100 for any preferred keyword terms in their competitive areas: Vancouver & Whistler.


The Solution

  1. Do a full overhaul of the main wedding website with geographic related keyword search terms.
  2. Re-indexation and technical SEO clean up (improve performance of site & content delivery networks).
  3. Create 1000+ word wedding guides for the service area (Vancouver + British Columbia) on industry search queries, enabling relevant content to seep to the top of the website & gain authority early.
  4. Launch adjacent brand (whistlerelopements.com) website.
  5. Create long-form content for specific Whistler locations for both brands including a local wedding guide.
  6. Create a high-performing landing page in conjunction with PPC Ads to boost traffic to the website at launch.
  7. Re-keyword any existing blog post pages with required content (500 words) to distribute across industry blogs/magazines for backlink authority.



  • SEO


  • SEO Report
  • Keyword analysis report
  • 3x content guides for service areas
  • Site health checks
  • Page site restructuring
  • Brand messaging for launch
  • Content changes to existing pages
  • PPC Ad Consultation

Initial Results – Whistler Elopements

The new brand website launched to the public with updated content and a PPC Ads campaign to boost organic traffic. Within 5 weeks, whistlerelopements.com took the top spot on Google with 2 keywords, and the first page for 4 key terms.

This result is due to taking advantage of poorly optimized search terms and the competitor’s lack of content that focuses on keywords, along with a strong content guide and website map that allowed new visitors to freely move across the site without leaving prematurely.

Since launching, the new website has retained its first-page authority, and a persistent strategy to build on the content guides + acquire backlinks from relevant industry websites keeps them at the top of Google’s listings.


Initial Results – Tara Lilly Photography

The main brand website re-pointed all of the content on its website away from Ontario and towards their new home in British Columbia.

As the Vancouver and British Columbia search queries have a higher search volume along with a more competitive space, this strategy paid off in roughly six months.

Towards the seventh month, the main brand website started to land main venue and city-based search terms on the first, second, and third page of Google.

Tara Lilly Photography successfully moved service areas while being able to keep their hard-earned search authority.

By The Numbers

Tara Lilly Photography

Whistler Elopements

The Long Strategy:

Over the course of 8 months, the team at Pilot was able to take one company, split it into two brands, and create authority for their new customer segment in British Columbia.

By doing so, the brand went from no organic traffic in this province to 3.2k searches a month with their website seeing a dominant amount of that traffic.

Creating and strategizing based on hard-data and key best practices provided by Google allowed us to jump-start a completely new chapter for this company looking to compete in one of Canada’s hottest areas for weddings.

Less than a year after launch, they’re business is thriving despite the Covid-19 pandemic that has devasted the wedding industry across the country. 


Pilot Solutions’ expert knowledge of SEO and PPC advertising pushed our website to the first position of search results and has allowed us to continue earning revenue even throughout Covid-19 pandemic. They are always very helpful and thoughtful and take the time to answer all of my questions. I would recommend Pilot Solutions to any business that is looking to grow their revenue and is willing to invest in their future. Digital marketing is the way of the future, and Pilot knows how to do that for most industries. 

Steve Stemmler

Owner, Whistler Elopements