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Is that you?

Facebook Ads
can usher in more sales than you know what to do with.


In 30 days you could be running effective ad campaigns!


About Your Trainers: Pilot Solutions


You told us over and over again that you know you need to run Facebook Ads but you just don’t know where to start.

Facebook Ads Simplified is that starting point for you. YOU will walk away with the confidence to run ad campaigns that get the results that you want.

You will learn the building blocks of a successful Facebook ad campaign. You will walk away with total confidence that you can execute ads profitably, target an eager audience, and create ads that speak to your ideal audience.

Whether you’re a new or established business owner or entrepreneur, this training is your blastoff point for Facebook advertising success.

Above: 👋👋 Katherine & Callum (and Lucy) — two dorks helping small business owners create clarity in marketing.

Here’s what Nadine had to say about clarifying her marketing process 👍

“Pilot Solutions has been such a great resource for me. They’ve helped me increase my presence online and reach more of my target market. It’s been so amazing having them help me navigate this crazy world of social media! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for help, whether you need an overhaul or just some guidance. Pilot Solutions should be your go-to! You won’t regret it.”

Nadine Ulrich, Heritage Realty.

Be a business owner on the front foot.

Invest in your business in 2020. 



The introductory modules will teach you all about the foundations of the Facebook Advertising Platform so you’re no longer scratching your head at setup and wasting your time.


Give you the edge on Facebook Pixel, Ad Structures, Campaign Budget Optimization & what kind of budgets get results.


You will see us build a companies ad campaign from the ground up, and you will eliminate copy errors that throws away your money.



We’re honing in on how to think like a full-time advertiser about who your ideal client is, you will avoid targeting your ads to the wrong people.



The Essentials – Facebook Business Manager & How To Set It Up

Stop running ads like it’s 2014. Set your business manager up for success.



The Essentials – Facebook Pixel & How To Implement It

Did you know you can install code that allows you to track who and how your ads are interacting? This intro module teaches you how to do it right & why that data is essential to running ads.


Module 1

What Kind Of Campaign To Run

You will learn what campaigns run best and avoid the decision paralysis of 20 campaign options.


Module 2

How To Figure Out Your Customer Profile

Still wondering who you want to buy your product or service? You’ll zero in on your ideal customer in this module.


Module 3

The Structure Of Facebook Ads

Structurally sound  Ads are the backbone to successful campaigns; you won’t miss the mark again.


Module 4

Campaign Budget Optimization – What And How

CBO can cause headaches if not implemented with intent. Become a master of your budget in this module!


Module 5

What Kind Of Budgets Get Results

You don’t have to spend Amazon money to get results; learn how to manage the budget here.


Module 6

Cold vs. Warm Traffic

Eliminate confusing messages for your different customer journeys. Your ideal customers will line up to purchase from you!


Module 7


Setting up audiences in Facebook can be a hassle; we streamline your process and make you look like a pro.


Module 8

Creating Copy and Creative

Now that you have an audience, let’s clean up that messaging and make it absolutely bulletproof!


Module 9

Creating Your First Campaign

We dive into campaign creation and show you how to avoid common problems, and where to focus your attention without exhaustion.


Module 10

Monitoring Your Campaign

The secret sauce of successful campaigns is tweaking your campaign. We help you identify and eliminate poor performance.


Ready to step up your marketing for 2020? Sign up for training that will give your business a leg up.

+ Hours Of training

Dollars in BONUS BUNDLEs

Bonus PDFs

Modules of fundamental skills

Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from!

Listen to these two snippets and what you can learn from the Facebook Advertising Simplified Course.

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What if you could cut to the chase and focus on the fundamentals — the key components that are proven to help you start making money on Facebook ads right away?

Facebook Advertising Simplified Course will do that for you.

You will learn the strategies we use for our clients to transform their businesses. You will learn the Facebook advertising fundamentals that truly matter.



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Good for the brain. Good for your business. 

Invest in your business in 2020.


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Of course not. 


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