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Work Together

You know what you want your business to be. Together we’ll create a plan to get you there.

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Our Process

1-2-3 and you are on your way to greatness

1. you setup a call & we chat

The best way to understand your business is to set up a call and talk. We want to hear the background, the now, and your future dreams. It all helps us formulate the next best steps.

2. We find solutions & help laser your marketing focus

We custom make solutions for entrepreneurs that fit best with where you are in your business and your challenges. We support your bold ideas with creative solutions to build your dream business.

3. it's go time

Turn that vision into reality! We have the tools and the plan. Now it’s time to execute. Together, we will implement each stage of the plan to grow your business. 

What does that all look like?


You deserve guidance tailored to your business.

Every business owner needs someone on their side to take a step back and look at the big picture of their business.

Instead of reporting to you, we bring you on that journey so you can see the bigger picture quicker.

We collaborate, focus, plan, execute and propel your marketing skills, allowing you the freedom to get back to the life you love.

We are organizers, planners, strategists.

We’re ready for you.


Collaborate on where you and your business is going

Nobody can plan for success without knowing where you are and where you want to go. All great adventures have maps, and we tailor one for your business.

Breakdown key areas to focus your energy

Every business owner has a million little things to focus on. We clear the clutter and identify what actually pushes your businesses’ needle forward.

Formalize & execute a plan that propels you

With direction, Katherine & Callum line up the pieces so your plan is fool-proof. A well defined marketing plan creates room to show of the true benefits for your customers, and give you ability to steer the ship with real authority.

remove areas of your business that do not provide growth

Now that you’re moving forward, we build in ways to remove the clutter that distracts you from getting ahead with your business. 

solve hiccups that keep small businesses small.

We keep ourselves around to provide support and refine your focus when small hiccups occur in the plan. 

Located in Hamilton, ON.