How Do You Find The People Who Will Buy Your Product?

Create a customer profile! Your product is solving a problem. The people most likely to buy it are those looking for a solution to that particular problem.

Start by asking yourself – What problem are you solving? What type of people have this problem and are looking for a solution?

The biggest stumbling block most small businesses hit when they begin to run Facebook ads or create marketing plans is not having a clearly defined customer.

Not knowing WHO your customer is a great way to waste your money on Facebook ads. Don’t pay to advertise to people who have no interest in your service or product.


  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Could you describe them as if you’re describing a friend? 
  • What does your ideal customer do for a job? What do they like to do in their spare time? What other businesses are they interested in? Where do they shop?
  • Can you tell their story? 


Here’s a worksheet we created to help YOU define your customer profile!

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Your Customer Profile Is Your Best Friend

You need to take the information from your customer profile and bring it to life. You might currently have an ideal customer similar to this – “I want to target females from 30-44 who like running and fitness and shop at Nike”.

This is a great start but it’s WAY too vague. You want your customer profile to be described as a real person or modeled after a real person. Is your ideal customer your friend or client? Great! Now write a thorough and detailed profile of your ideal customer.

Instead of the above description, you are aiming for the below:

“Chloe is a 35-year-old female, she is married without children. She spends her weekend’s training for marathons and most of her friends are also runners. Her job as a sales executive is demanding but she finds ways to prioritize running in her life. Her greatest fear in her career is a lack of work-life balance. Her greatest fear in her life is stagnating fitness levels. The brands she follows are Patagonia, Salomon and Nike. She loves running influencers like Kara Goucher, Lauren Fleshman and Mary Cain. When Chloe climbs into bed she dreams about her next race.” 

Do you see the difference? Do you feel like you know “Chloe” now? With this extra information about Chloe, it is much easier to create ad campaigns that speak to Chloe and her hopes and fears. That’s the power of customer profiles!

Speak to your ideal customer and what they want to hear in any advertising or social posting.


Multiple Customer Profiles Help You Capture Different Market Segments


You need more than one customer profile because you are selling to more than one person! You should have at least two but can make up to 5 customer profiles depending on your business.

You will use these customer profiles to specifically target ads to each customer profile. For example, if your product is running shoes, you would want to target them to Chloe (an advanced runner) and then make a separate customer profile for new runners. New runners have different interests, so they need marketing aimed at their interests. 

You should have at least two customer profiles but can make up to five depending on your product and target audience.


Creating Customer Profiles for Facebook Ads


You are going to use the customer profiles you created to target your Facebook ads.

First, create a Saved Audiences in Facebook Business Manager for each of your customer profiles.

photograph showing a section of Facebook Ads and how to input audience indicators. On white and black, with navigational mouse on screen.

Figuring out what interests will work is a combination of research and testing. You can see above that once you start putting interests into the “detailed targeting” section, you get a sense of the size of the audience. This is going to be trial and error but having a customer profile makes it go much faster.

Use the details from your customer profile to search for interests and create Saved Audiences.

When creating saved audiences to test on cold traffic (people who don’t know who you are), create audiences between 1-5 million.

The power of Facebook ads is going to come through retargeting people who click on your ads. Your first ads casting a wide net is a good thing. Having a thorough and thought out customer profile will make this exercise way easier!


A Trick for Interest Targeting


The key to advertising success is finding interests that are not the most obvious, but anyone interested in the topic would know about this interest.

Let’s go back to Chloe – we might not want to use generic running as an interest for her because that captures everyone on Facebook that has ever shown any interest in running. There are over 277 million people interested in running! A better interest is the World Marathon Majors. Most serious runners want to run all the famous marathons (the World Marathon Majors). This is a more defined audience with 600,000 people. Chances are that if you are interested in the Marathon Majors, you are a dedicated runner.

When looking for interests associated with famous people, our suggestion would be to find someone who anyone genuinely interested in the sport would know about, but an outsider may not. Don’t choose the Tiger Woods!

You might have noticed in our description of Chloe, we listed running celebrities she is interested in. None of them are household names but chances are if you are interested in running, you know who they are. Finding these interests is key to finding your Chloe’s.

Successful customer profiles will know your customer and their interests inside and out.




Creating customer profiles are important for running successful Facebook ads and marketing campaigns. Spend time examining WHO your customer is and looking for interests that would align with that. Having an amazing customer profile will pay dividends!

Download the customer profile worksheet to help you jumpstart creating your customer profiles!


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