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Branding & Identity For Professional Services

First impressions count. We will create solutions that make it easy for your clients to identify, connect, and work with you.

From new websites to creating a new brand identity, we work with your team to bring your brand to the next level.

Branding and Logo Services

Your identity sends a clear message about who you are. Let us unlock that trust for you. 

Brand Identity

With Registered Graphic Designers on our team, you get the comfort of knowing your new brand launch will look, feel, and communicate the brand you want.


We have a track record of creating inviting and powerful brand logos for professional service companies. We work closely with your team to create a brand mark that communicates your brand in a memorable way.

Marketing Material

Every professional service requires a way to attract, sell and secure their clients’ services. We help draft signage, packaging, RFPs and digital document templates so you look professional and stay ahead of your competitors every step of the way.

Headshots & Digital Media

Brand and positioning aren’t just the logo. How you present yourself online is the first step towards a cohesive brand. You want to look and feel as professional as you are in real life. Having consistent portraits, and marketing video(s) of your team is a great way to ensure a great brand experience.

    The Process

    Research & Inspiration

    In the first phase, we gather all the information we can from what design you love to what your competitors are doing. Part of a unique brand identity is ensuring the brand from logo to colours is consistent with your vision.

    In this phase you help us ensure we’re driving down the right pathway that is consistent with how you envision your brand.

    Concepts & Revisions

    In the second phase, we work on concepts that show you a variety of options in line with the businesses’ identity – allowing space for revisions, creativity and changes.

    In this phase you get to approve a concept that feels right.

    Package & Wrap Up

    After we have a concept you love, we create various versions for different types of media from online to print. Colour and black and white versions are made in this phase to ensure you have the appropriate logo mark at all times. We also use this phase to create other marketing material needed, like letterheads and request for proposal documents.

    In this phase, you get to see the identity come to life on business cards and your website, and anywhere else your logo needs to shine.

    Find Out Why

    Businesses Make It A Point To Work With Us

    You work with a team who knows what it means to be professional.

    At Pilot, we know what it means to put your best foot forward. We’ve worked in and for professional services all over North America, and we bring the professionalism to create results.

    You know that first impressions and appearance count.

    First impressions and how you approach your customers can lead to the start of a great relationship, or be the reason they turn and run. You get a team that understands how crucial the appearance of your business is.

    Communication is key.

    Every project requires clear communication. From the onset you are working with a team who sets timelines, goals, and delivers what is needed to make sure your branding project is a success.

    We want you to go to work doing what you do best, while we get to work making you look your best.

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