Where should you advertise? Where does your target audience hang out? We saw a great article recently from Sprout Social about social media stats for 2019.

Now that we are halfway through the year, it seems like a great time to add our two cents to these stats.


We often go into client meetings and start talking about the power of Facebook and Facebook advertising. We are met with blank stares and clients saying, “isn’t Facebook going away?”. In recent years, other social media giants like YouTube have passed Facebook in most used social platforms. But Facebook still has over two billion active users. Even more importantly, 75% of those users go on to Facebook every day. And Facebook usage among adults has remained fairly consistent for years. In terms of social advertising, Facebook remains a social advertisers most useful and used tool.


Instagram is continuing to grow and is increasingly becoming the best place to attract new customers to your brand. Every day, more than 100 million photos are uploaded to the platform. There is also higher engagement on Instagram than Facebook. Instagram continues to attract a younger audience than Facebook with over 70% of teens using the platform.

Each day there are more than 400 million Instagram Stories users. We predict that leveraging Instagram Stories to grow your brand will become increasingly more important in the future.


Twitter is a great platform for advertising but also for immediate customer service. Twitter users send out more than 500 million tweets per day with just over 325 million users. This year more money is being spent on Twitter ads than ever before and over half of that spend is on videos.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn has a very niche audience type. LinkedIn has a high amount of users but unlike other social media platforms, those users spend less time on the platform. Despite that, LinkedIn continues to be an ideal marketing channel for B2B companies. According to LinkedIn, over 80% of social media B2B leads come from the platform.

We always say that the best social media marketing strategy is tied to a solid content marketing strategy. Research shows that users engage with the content on LinkedIn more because it is relevant to them and their business. If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn is an ideal place for advertising.

A few more important stats from Sprout Social 

  • Posts with links to more information are the most preferred type of content on social media. 30% of consumers said that it’s the content they like to see most from brands on social. 18% preferred graphics and images, while 17% would like to see produced video.
  • The most common reason why consumers reach out to brands on social media is because they have a question. 57% of consumers reported doing this.
  • There’s a huge misalignment with what consumers actually prefer. 73% of consumers want to see posts about discounts and sales. 60% want to see posts that showcase new products and services. 59% want to see posts that teach something.


What platform are you using for your company’s social marketing? Are you surprised with where social media is heading in 2019? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!