We hear all the time that B2Bs (business-to-business) don’t need social media. Don’t be fooled, B2Bs need to use social media. Effectively using social media can substantially increase awareness and sales.

According to Facebook, business decision makers spend 75% more time on facebook per day than the average person.

Here are our tips to increase your social media presence if you are a B2B company.

Have a brand strategy

A big part of the reason that B2Bs struggle with social media is that they don’t have a brand strategy. The reality is that whether you are selling to consumers or other businesses, a clear and concise brand message is essential. You want your customers to know what you do and why you are the best at it.

Is your product generally thought of as “boring”? For example, insulation or air filters. Think of an interesting angle! People will not inherently care about your product. But they do care about how your product can increase their business or solve a problem for their business. A brand strategy is all about getting across a simple message about your company that resonates with your customers.

A social media strategy goes hand in hand with content marketing

If you want to be successful at social media marketing, you need to be successful at content marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on delivering valuable and relevant content to attract a clearly defined audience. This means becoming an authority on a particular topic whether that topic is directly your product/service or just related to it. For example, if you sell insulation, establish yourself as an authority on house renovations and projects that make installing and replacing insulation easier.

Chances are that you are already doing content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2Bs are. The challenge we see most often is executing content marketing well. Generally, the more successful you are content marketing, the better your social media will be. They go hand in hand after all.

The real key to content marketing is sharing engaging and relevant content. To do that, you need a solid content marketing strategy and a clear strategy about what social media best compliments your goals.

Be on the right social media channels

There is no “right” social media channel to be on. However, if you are targeting other businesses, go to where your ideal client is. In this case, it’s most likely LinkedIn. If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn is a social network made for your goals – business networking.

Having said that, a comprehensive social media marketing strategy should go beyond a singular network. It’s all about being realistic about what makes the most sense for your business. Do you sell information technology? Instagram probably isn’t the place for you. It’s very hard to post daily pictures of a service that has no physical component. But if you sell insulation, you could curate a whole Instagram feed about home renovations. It’s all about looking realistically at your goals.

Hire an expert

Social media is about more than posting updates on Twitter a couple times a day. B2B marketing is complex. Use an expert that can create a strategic momentum behind your company.

If your product is very niche, trying to only target that market isn’t going to work. For example, the above example about an insulation company creating an Instagram feed about home renovations creates a much larger audience to target giving the business a larger reach. Your following does not need to only be in your niche. But it does need to be strategic.


B2Bs using social media effectively is still in its infancy compared to B2Cs. Take advantage! Hire an expert, create a strategy and get ahead of the curve!

We are always here to discuss your social media woes with you as you grow your business through digital marketing! Schedule a consult.