It’s 2019, you should be running Facebook ads! If you are going to advertise online, Facebook ads are one of the cheapest and most trackable form of online advertising. If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s also very easy to waste your money with few results.

To be successful with Facebook ads, you need to have a measurable goal.

Facebook Ad Objective OptionsThat is our most important piece of advice – have a measurable goal before you start running any ad campaign. Are you hoping to increase your sales? Choose Conversions. Get more followers? Choose Page likes. Have more engagement on your posts? Choose Post engagement.

When you start to create an ad campaign, this is the first choice that you are given (shown to the left).

Target your audience. This is a large part of what makes Facebook ads so effective. You can define who sees your ads. It’s important to know your market, including your competition and who you are trying to reach.

Create your ads with care

It’s important to use eye-catching images. After all, the whole point in running ads is to attract attention to your brand. However, make sure to avoid using too much text on the image itself. It will start to look cluttered fast. When something overwhelms the brain, it just skips right on past it. That’s why clear ad creative with concise copy is so important! For example, this IKEA ad is a great example of a very simple message “You: I have nothing to wear” with a concise and clear solution – buy their wardrobe, even better, it’s on sale.

Ikea Facebook AdImportantly, we’d recommend that you try to avoid sounding like a hard sell. We know, that’s confusing. Obviously the reason you are running ads is to sell things. But don’t forget that a customer converted to your brand is going to be worth a lot more than a one time sale over their lifetime value. Start with brand awareness and work up to a gentle reminder why your product will make your customers life better.

Install Pixel on your website

Do it! Right now! To run more effective ads, Facebook Pixel is extremely important. It allows you to gather a whole new level of analytics on customers behaviour once they get to your website. Now just that, you can use your Pixel re-target ads. And this where it starts to be very important to be strategic!

Re-targetting ads is your secret weapon. Do you know when you go to website and then see their ad EVERYWHERE afterwards? That’s a re-targetting campaign. It can serve a number of purposes but at the most basic level, people tend to buy things from brands that they are familiar with. What better way to become familiar to someone than to start showing up everywhere they look!

Create landing pages

Finally, where these beautiful ads direct people is important. Make sure that if you are selling SEO services, your ad does not direct to a social media page. And even more important, the landing page you are directing to should be a sales page. Sell your customer on why you’re the clear choice with a call to action.

We’ve been looking at a pretty high level & brief view of Facebook ads. Implementing these four aspects will get you on the right path for making a great ad campaign.

Still feeling overwhelmed about facebook advertising. We’d love to talk to you about how Facebook ads could help grow your business!