Do you have a brand strategy? We’re not talking about a logo and brand colours (although those are important too!). We’re talking about a cohesive message about your brand that is communicated to your customers. And the answer needs to be YES. Your company needs to have a clear brand strategy.

The world bombards people with information 24/7. And our brains only have so much bandwidth to take in new information. Unless you can clearly communicate what you do in less than five seconds, you’ve already lost the customer. You are asking for too much brain power. Easy to digest clear messages are the key for growing your business. That’s where a clear and cohesive brand strategy comes in.

A customer is not a detective trying to figure why they want your product/service. A customer needs to immediately see how your product/service is going to make their life better. People like things that they understand. That is why clarity is essential. A clear message will win. Every. Time.

If a customer came to your business, everyone from the CEO/owner to the admin person should be able to give a brief sentence about what your company does. This isn’t shoving a specific messages down people’s throats until it’s memorized. It is about the purpose of your brand being so clear and easy to understand that everyone can communicate it. Clarity is king. And confusion is your enemy.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Your Brand Strategy More Clear

  1. Do a quick audit of your website. Are you focussing on how you can help a customer? If you looked at your website for less than 5 seconds, could you identify what you do? Words are the cheapest marketing you have, use them!
  2. Ask someone outside of your immediate network take a look at your website. It’s really easy to be too close to your product/service to see any glaring issues. We’d always advise asking someone who knows nothing about your company to look at your website and ask what they understand. You could even ask a stranger at a coffee shop for 30 seconds of their time.
  3. Find three words that exemplify your brand and use those everywhere. Again, it’s all about easy to digest and understand messaging. Tell your customers what you do and how it’ll make their life better. Show them how you are the supporting role to make their life better.

Are you unsure about the clarity of your brand strategy and messaging? You don’t even know where to start? Set up a consult and we will go through a FREE website audit with you to assess weak points and how we they could be strengthened.