We told you that you have to have a landing page before you start with Facebook Ads. You might be wondering what is a landing page? And why is it so important?


What you need to know about landing pages

  1. The basics of a landing page

    • At the most basic level, a landing page is designed to transform visitors into opt-in leads. A landing page does this by gathering information such as contact info in exchange for an offer or more information. For example, a realtor might set up an offer to send a PDF of “the 5 biggest increases you can make to your home value” in exchange for contact information. Unlike a home page, the sole purpose is to complete this conversion. Whereas, the purpose of a homepage is to offer other routes to other pages.
  2. How do they work?

    • Call to Action
      • This is how they end up on the landing page, the ad, post, etc
    • Opt-in
      • This is where the visitor puts in their information in order to complete the offer or get the “Goods”
    • Lead Generation
      • The lead is created and put into your database or you are given awareness someone has completed the opt-in.
    • The Follow Up
      • This step is crucial! You need a system in place to email or call the lead to follow up. Without a follow up system in place, your ad campaign will not be successful. This can be anything from entering an email sequence to a sales team calling to follow up.
  3. The Factors of a Great Landing Page

    • There are multiple factors whenever you’re looking at a landing page to really increase conversions and it can get in depth very quickly. Remember we’re dealing with psychology and sometimes you have fractions of a second to keep someone interested before they bounce off the page. Factors to consider in your landing page:
      • Colours
      • Branding (is it clear and concise?)
      • Offer
      • Fonts
      • Flow (You can get heatmaps to track where people’s mouses click and move to for further analysis)
      • Social proof (are you presenting testimonials?)
      • Verbage
      • Copy

So there it is, that’s the basics of a landing page, what it does, and some factors to look at when building it. A solid landing page is a HUGE aspect of a successful ad campaign and it can make or break your business especially if it’s not well put together.

If want to read more, Neil Patel has a great guide to landing pages!

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