Breaking the rules doesn’t mean abandoning good marketing principles.

Every once in a while, a company really hits the nail on the head when creating a social media storm. Social media is constantly evolving and a great campaign changes the way we think about the potential. Breaking the rules can be challenging if you’re not careful. But a well executed campaign, can be social media gold.

Jana, a Croatian water company unveiled an ad campaign late last year that focused on a current world free-diving champion. The bigger purpose was to show that their water is sourced from very deep in the sea (880m to be exact!). The instagram profile, Deepest Instagram Profile, created by Jana in collaboration with world free-diving champion Goran Colak offers a beautiful visual presentation of the world underwater.

The instagram feed is filled with metre depth and facts at intervals. The Deepest profile is ever-scrolling to get you to dive deeper into the sea. Along the way, you are given facts at various depths until you reach 800m.

Dive Deeper.

To get down to 800 metres, you scroll through 160 rows of perfectly aligned photos to represent the sea depth. As you scroll further down, collecting new pieces of information about the world of free diving and oceans at large, the colour drains from the page demonstrating that you are getting deeper and deeper. You don’t realize until the end that what you are scrolling to is the depth that Jana sources their water from – 800 metres.

Instagram is usually thought of as an ongoing feed of images. Jana changed the rules by posting hundreds or images in a specific order and then leaving it to be discovered. All branding and marketing campaigns need to tell a story and invite users to have a curiosity gap. Jana’s social media campaign drove people to dive deeper with them to find out what was at the bottom of the “sea”.

Breaking the rules, setting new standards.

Jana broke the rules of social media, profoundly. In a way they took the visual layout that has been used before. But Jana made it an art installation. Not a continually updated account that is the norm. While we don’t recommend this as a strategy generally, this campaign is a great case study to show how you can break rules and change the ways people interact with social media platforms.

While Jana has moved on to their next campaign, for a fleeting moment, the world was given a glimpse into the darkest depths of the seas.

What’s the most interesting social media campaign that you’ve seen recently?